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If your business is based on referrals, then you don't have a business. The engine of your business is marketing and the better you are at marketing the more you will be able to earn, and stop working in your business and work on your business. At our Family Reunion the philosophy is simple, we teach you how to spend $1 and make $5. Marketing does not cost you money if you know what you're doing. The problem with marketing is that it is constantly changing and how you change is how you succeed. Many of the top marketers in the world attend this conference because the tactics and strategies are so advanced and the transformation they have produced creates instant results in your business. If you know nothing about marketing, then what better place to skip 5 years of failures and get it right from day 1. Your bank account will be as healthy as your marketing strategies.

Jimmy Fallon and Justin play two-thirds of legendary pop  trio the Bee Gees.  In their ‘70s chic attire, Fallon (as host Barry Gibb) and Timberlake (as quiet brother Robin) hold a “no-nonsense” chat with former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor (played by Kristen Wiig). After a wisecrack from O’Connor that features a “Stayin’ Alive” punch line, Barry furiously kicks out of his chair. “I’m Barry Efffing Gibb,” he yells. “ I will murder you on national television.”  Robin chimes in mostly to harmonize during his tirades.” “I will ruin you,” they croon.

Brother JT - The Svelteness Of BoogietudeBrother JT - The Svelteness Of BoogietudeBrother JT - The Svelteness Of BoogietudeBrother JT - The Svelteness Of Boogietude